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IP Matrix Switcher, Modular Instructure,Compatible With ONVIF & H265/264, 4K Decoding And Video Wall Control

IP Matrix Switcher, Modular Instructure,Compatible With ONVIF & H265/264, 4K Decoding And Video Wall Control

Modular Instructure IP Matrix Switcher

Modular Instructure IP Video Matrix

4K Decoding IP Matrix Switcher

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Product Details
ONVIF & H265/264
8 Slot For 16ch HDMI Output Maximum
IP Camera No Limit On Quantity,HDMI @ 4K, HD SDI, BNC, Etc.
PTZ Contrrol:
By Joystick
Video Wall Management:
64/48/32/25 Window Spliting, Splicing, Cruise, Switch
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
carton,59x55x15cm, 7kgs
Delivery Time
3 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
1000unit per day
Product Description

PM70MB IP matrix switcher, H265/264 and ONVIF, with 16ch HDMI output and cascading. up to 4K decoding and Video wall controller function, inlcuding split, splicing, PIP, curise, etc. Joystick available for precise steer, video over IP.
In general
PM70MB series IP matrix swticher is compatible with H.265/264 and ONVIF, up to 4K video decoding capability, perfect on video wall controller and cascading to have more than 16ch HDMI output.
Perfect video wall management, including split/splicing/mixing display and Cruise, etc.
The IP PTZs will operate much like a typical Analog PTZ system with each PTZ being assigned an IP address by the switch and the communication path/language being over IP protocol.
As IP products become more mainstream, several partners are looking for a video wall controller/matrix combination allowing for and easy way to display and operate IP cameras , IP PTZs & other signals like anlog, tvi/cvi/ahd, HDMI.
Simplicity of operation is the key and the ability to call a camera into a selected pane or window on video screen was the goal in developing this IP matrix switcher.
The command structure is simple: 〔1〕〔CAM〕+〔1〕〔MON〕on the IP keyboard/PTZ controller allows the users to switch camera 1 to Monitor 1, while the joystick allows for precise operation of the PTZ.
This was the idea behind the development of the PM7000V2 ip matrix: the IP PTZ is operated much like a typical Analog PTZ system with each PTZ being assigned an IP address on the network switch and the communication path/language is over ip protocol.
Quick Detail:
◆ Support for network media, ONVIF, RTSP data input
◆ Support computer keyboard & Mouse direct input, U Flash storage.
◆ Support BNC (TVI,CVI,AHD or CVBS) / HDMI/HD SDI input,the HDMI input support 4K.
◆ Modular design, 5.4RU chassis with 16ch slots for 16 card/32ch HDMI outputs, besides it, there is 12RU chassis for 24 cards, 4RU chassis for 8 cards, 4ch /2ch HDMI output standalone available.
◆ Each matrix card supports 2ch HDMI output, every odd output support 4K resolution.
◆ Each Video Output can identify optimum resolution automatically, or allow the user to change the output resolution manually. Maximum supported resolution per card 3840x2160@60Hz.
◆ Support 4K, 1080P, 1080I, 720P, D1 video formats
◆ Support standard H.265 & H.264.
◆ Single module support 4ch at 4K or 16ch at 1080P or 32ch at 720P decoding and display.
◆ Support video-splitting output, up to 8x8 windows split on one monitor
◆ Support monitor splicing by any size ,splitting, windowing, zooming in & out
◆ Support audio input and output, also monitoring, broadcasting and intercom functions are supported
◆ Support OSD, title, time and warning messages can overlap on the displayed video
◆ Compatible with branded IPC without use of streaming media server
◆ Compatible with Onvif 2.4, and RTSP protocols
◆ Matrix Client software could configure all parameter, perfect video wall management functions.
◆ Video preview & PTZ control on ip matrix software

Interface Parameter
HDMI input (optional)1, 1CH HDMI input per card, support 4K video input
BNC input (optional)1 card with 4CH BNC input per card, support analog, TVI,CVI,AHD
HDMI output6 HDMI output card, 2ch per card, odd port support 4K output
Ethernet100M/1000M adaptive RJ45 port
Audio input1ch ,Ф3.5 earphone socket .
Audio output1ch ,Ф3.5 earphone socket .
alarm outputsupport (rack construction)
Video Parameter
network video decodingH.265,H.264,MPEG4
network video input4K,1080P,1080I,720P,D1
HDMI output resolution1024×768P@60Hz,1280×720P@60Hz,
video decode and displayone module support 4CH 4K or 16ch 1080P@30hz or 32ch 720P or 64ch D1
monitor splicing48 monitor splicing( rack construction)
monitor splitting and displaySupport 4/9/16/25 splitting and display
OSDSupports Chinese/English OSD character superposition;
Time display, Monitor No. display.
Support titles overlaying, Maximum 16 titles overlay in one screen, maximum 40 characters per title;
Alarm information display.;
Audio CodecG.711,G.726,ADPCM Audio encode/decode.
On/MuteSupports all channels and single channel quick setting individually.
Audio inputone module support 1CH audio encode, it can be set to open/close audio input.
Management and Maintenance
Basic function

Multi-user login/logout, Maximum supports 72 users online at same time, operation permission definition; Supports video switching and controlling.
Support Segmentation display mode management.
Automatic inspection, setting and call. Supports rollback playing.

System management and configurationPETNET protocol available, support web configure, configuration upload and reload, operation permission setting and management

system log available.
Fault detection and report.
support online updating.

time synchronizationinterior RTC, it could time automatic synchronization, offer standard port, to keep sync. To time server inside the system.
alarm inputsupport network alarm input
alarm outputone module can provide with 1CH alarm switching value output and network alarm output
Alarm ProcessingMultiple alarm event processing mode
Screen controlvideo screen control port available;
best resolution identificationsupport best resolution identification
power supplyone module Power supply: DC 12V chassis power supply: AC 220
Power consumptionone module 15W
working temperature0~55℃
working humidity10%~90%;
structurestandard structure design


To IP generation, quite a few partners are looking for a controller and matrix type device, for an IP PTZ system that will allow the end user to have the touch and feel of an analog system, like 1 CAM+1MON to switch camera video.

ONVIF, H265/264 compatible. 4K decoding.

analog, tvi,cvi,ahd HDMI hybrid, HDMI output. perfect video wall management.

IP Matrix Switcher, Modular Instructure,Compatible With ONVIF & H265/264, 4K Decoding And Video Wall Control 0


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