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IP Matrix Switch, with 16 slots maximum 32ch HDMI Output, video over ip, luxuriant video wall layout

IP Matrix Switch, with 16 slots maximum 32ch HDMI Output, video over ip, luxuriant video wall layout

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Product Details
ONVIF, H265,264
20ch HDMI Output, Up To 4K
12ch Hdmi, Up To 4K
PTZ Contrrol:
By Joystick, ONVIF
Video Wall Management:
64/48/32/25/16/9/4 Window Spliting, Splicing, Cruise, Switch
It Could Add And Control Camera From Different Segment
12ch Input And 20ch Output
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
480.0mm(W)×360.0mm(D)×190.0mm(H), 12kgs
Delivery Time
3 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
1000unit per day
Product Description

PM60MC3H/12H-20H IP Matrix Switcher, network Decoder with 12ch hdmi in and 20ch hdmi output @ 64ch split per hdmi output,  Video wall controller, H265/264 IP decoding, Video over IP, Video split, splicing, cruise, PIP, etc. video wall management.
PM60MC3H/12H-20H ip matrix switcher is latest decoding matrix and network decoder, compatible with ONVIF, can decode ip camera and video stream from server,its modular chassis offers 16 slots, could have optional HDMI input, up to have 32ch HDMI output by one chassis, maximum 128ch hdmi output on base of cascading.

This model offers 12ch hdmi input and 20ch hdmi output with mutiple screen layout, individual keyboard for precise operation to ptz.
Every modular could decode 5ch 4K or 20ch 1080p, perfect video wall management, including split, splicing, PIP, Plan, Cruise, etc. simple operation like analog system.
Its Netclient software could configure visiblly, offers video preview, PTZ control panel, etc. for operataions on PC.
standalone keyboard is opitional, very similar like analog operation like 〔1〕〔CAM〕+〔1〕〔MON〕.
Ø Hardware configuration
Industrial standard chassis design, one chassis offers 16 slots, optional to have hdmi input module and hdmi output module.
Built-in high-bandwidth back board, high-speed network switch module, and streaming media forwarding module.

Audio input is integated on HDMI input module.
HDMI input module and decoding module could be flexibly configured and expanded according to demand.
Built-in intelligent fan automatically adjusts the temperature to ensure a stable and reliable system.
Ø System Functions
Pure hardware design, embedded ARM processor, embedded Linux operating system, 7*24 hours stable continuous operation.
Support Quick fault recovery function, it can replace any faulty board, no need to modify the configuration.
Support remote or local configuration, data backup, and data recovery functions.
Support remote or local upgrade and remote restart.
Support data automatic synchronization, firmware version automatic sync.
Support configuration data download, backup and upload.
Support network stream load balance.
provides multi-network port hot backup to realize intelligent video migration
has smooth video playback technology, which can effectively avoid the problem of jams caused by network transmission;
with internal streaming media forwarding function
with stream adaptive connection, automatically connect the best resolution stream according to the window size.
Ø Matrix Functions
Compatible with ONVIF, RTSP, RTP.
Support access of GB28181.
Support signal source organization tree function, tree group management of various video signal sources, can classify and name different input signal source types, support keyword search, quickly find signal sources.
Video Real time preview on visible net client.
It can intuitively drag and drop control signal switching, window opening, superposition, roaming, size adjustment, full screen, close and other functions, support the entire screen arbitrary custom layout, convenient to quickly achieve the users’ screen layout; Support screen real-time echo function, software screen layout and splicing screen fully synchronized, what you see is what you get.
Support KVM control, it can remotely control the Tx of KVM in visible client.
Support audio output, can achieve monitoring, broadcast, etc.
Support manual switch and automatic switch, includes patrol switch, group switch, segmentation switch.
Support plan configuration, call and switch.
Support through the alarm gateway access mainstream brand alarm host to achieve alarm linkage image pop-up display and alarm sound and light output .
Support ptz control, it can control 8 directions of ptz, iris, zoom, speed, preset.
Support OSD, It can superimpose camera title, system information, alarm, audio and other information, and flexibly configure font position, color,and size.
Ø Decoding/splice functions
Support to decode stream of H.265, H.264.
Support multicast and unicast.
Support power supply hot backup,power supply module support plug and play.
Support split display at 1/4/6/8/9/10 /16/25/64 or user-defined split.
Support entire screen splicing to display one video or user-defined splicing.
Support window opening, pulling, cruise, roaming, etc.;
Support keyboard, pad, etc.
Support screen base map.
Support screen enlarge and window enlarge.

Model PM60MC3H/12H-20H
HDMI Output 20ch,  up to 128ch on base of cascading
HDMI Input 12ch, support 4K backward compatible
HDMI output resolution Adaptive output resolution, maximum support 3840×2160@60Hz, backward compatible
Decoding H.265, H.264
Network video Input resolution 4K, 1080P, 1080I, 720P, D1
Decoding capability Maximum 24ch 4K@30fps,or 120ch 1080p@30fps and backward resolution
Screen slicing Support, user-defined splicing
One screen split 1/4/6/8/9/10/16/25/64 split or user-defined split.
Opening and roaming Support window opening or roaming
OSD information Support, it can display or mask information display, including window, channel, lable, etc.
Encoding or decoding G.711,G.726, AAC
Turn on or mute It can set all channels or individual quick operation.
Input support audio embedded in HDMI input or optional individual input.
Basic applications multiple user log in and log out, maximum 72 users on-line at same time.
operation permission definition, Supports video switch and control.
Support cruise, salvo, group, split, etc. Mode, automatic cruise, Plan configuration and call.
System management and configuration PETNET protocol available, once integration,the third party can manage this decoder, configuration upload and reload, operation permission setting and management
Maintenance system log, Fault detection and report. support online updating.
Ethernet 6ch 1000Mbps self-adaptive RJ45, 1 main network port 5 auxiliary network Ports, the auxiliary port only for video sources stream request.
Audio output 32ch, Ф3.5 headphone socket.
Audio input It is in the hdmi input module, Ф3.5 headphone socket.
RS232 1
Second development Second development
Time synchronization internal RTC, it support automatic time sync. for multiple devices by cascading.
offers PENET protocol, it can synchronize time of time server.
Alarm input support network alarm info. access.
Alarm process support automatic or manual alarm process.
Monitor control offers control port of monitor to control the monitors.
Stream self-adaptive Support stream self-adaptive function, it can close this function, it can automatically choose main/sub stream to output to monitors.
Stream media forwarding embedded Stream media forwarding, one camera takes steam one time.
smooth playing function support smooth playing function, it can automatically adjust and optimize stream stuck or pause caused by network transmission.
Decoding delay 150ms
Power supply AC100V~230V
Working temperature 0~50℃
Working humidity 10%~90%;
Power consumption 190W
Dimension 480mm(L)x 360mm(W)x 190mm(H)
Power supply configuration 350W power supply module, support to have dual power supply module.




IP Matrix Switch, with 16 slots maximum 32ch HDMI Output, video over ip, luxuriant video wall layout 0

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